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December 2005 Club News

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Cosy Corner Breakfast Ride

Cosy Noshing
Nice scenic noshing and chatting area

It was a little dampish looking, but not bad enough for wet weather gear, to encourage a total of 22 bikes with a good number of pillions at the Amity Tavern together with bacon & eggs etc.

We were late as usual but with six of us in two sidecars including the grandkids we had a good excuse.
Cosy Corner is as good as it sounds and the two BBQ’s were full of sizzling cuisine.

While we were there four more of our members arrived - yes the sun was out.
It was very easy to spend the morning there chatting but it was time for an ice-cream, a blueberry one was the idea, but when we arrived at Youngs Siding before the turn-off Bob Sutcliffe was flagging everyone down with the bad news that the blueberry farm was shut - bugger.

So choc wedges and icy poles had to do instead.It was good to see a number of the older bikes out for a bit of fresh air.

Thanks to Marilyn and Clive for doing back-up.

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