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August 2005 Club News

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Club Trials Day

Ray - the winner - in the bush
Ray & RL250 - winning combination

What a great time we had at the inaugural Club Trials Day. There were around 20 people at the Amity carpark on road bikes or with off-road/trials bikes in the back of trailers or utes.

We followed John to his place where bikes were readied for action.

I think there were about 12 riders that took part in the end. John had laid out an excellent course. There were 4 sections with expert or novice courses. He explained how points were scored before we walked the first section.

Harley powered by 50 American horses and one Aussie bloke
Harley powered by 50 American horses -
and one Aussie bloke - Neil

One of the more unusual bikes to take part in a trial was Ronnie on a 70’s Harley - you wouldn’t see that in the Scottish 6 Days! Unfortunately he didn’t last too long as the bike was a bit wide/long for the task.

Arthur, resplendent in what looked like plus 4’s (his pants tucked in his socks), took to the expert section. This was on his push bike, although I think I heard a few brrm brrm noises.

Chris was the only lady rider, doing one complete round on her 1955 BSA C10L and part of another on Richard’s Honda TL125 more suitable off-road bike.

John on Yamaha SR500 thumper
John on Yamaha SR500 thumper - Bob scoring

John rode a large single pot Yamaha SR500 road bike with road tyres, and did very well, not losing any points on most of the sections!

Ray was another who rode extremely well on his 1972 Suzuki RL250 trials bike which he acquired only recently. Neil and Jeff took turns on their off-road bike and Andrew, after having a look at the course, said “I could do that on the BMW” - next minute he was back - the 250 doing a great job.

Don unfortunately broke a clutch cable on his ex-Army BSA. I did one complete round on my 1951 500 AJS, but between a woeful steering lock and the imaginary smell of clutch plates I sat back and watched the rest of the event.

Prizes: 3 bottles of special Victory Shiraz
  Bottles of special Victory Shiraz

At the end of the trial John presented 3 bottles of specially Club labelled ‘Victory Shiraz’.

These were won by Ray - best overall;
Arthur (pushbike) Barrett, best in experts class;
and Chris, best lady (she was the only female).

John did a brilliant job laying out the course, making the score sheet as well as the wine labels. I don’t think we’re the only ones looking forward to the next one. Thanks John.

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