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August 2005 Club News

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Dumbleyung Pub Ride

Lake Dumbleyung full of water
Lake Dumbleyung full of water

What great weather we had for this ride. Leaving a little earlier than we have done gave us the opportunity for a longer ride to Dumbleyung.

So it was decided en route to go via Ongerup, Pingrup, Lake Grace and Kukerin. Max, Ray, Arnold and Mike came along for the ride - although I’d didn’t think they thought they would be riding over 560 ks!

Actually they nearly went quite a bit further as Mike missed a turn and was on his way to Jerramungup with some of the mob following!

Arriving at Dumbleyung it was good to see Heather and Ian from Australind. Ian now has a 1200 Gold Wing, similar to his old one and they had enjoyed their ride down. We then rode out of town to have a look at Donald Campbell’s memorial and to see what Lake Dumbleyung looked like when it was full.

Pete checking out the Barbarellas goodies
Pete checks the Barbarellas goodies

While we were parking the bikes at the back of the pub Huw and Bronwyn arrived from Mandurah.

It was then time to book in and find the bar.

We discovered that the dining room had been converted for a Barbarella Adult evening. Well, curiosity does get the better of you doesn’t it, so we had a very humorous time inspecting the different accessories that were available for purchase - There was plenty there to tickle your fancy!

After we settled down again it was announced that the BBQ was ready.

The publican had the BBQ organised for us at the back of the pub with a roaring fire next to it. Steak, a couple of snaggers and salad for $10 - Very good value!

The pub line dancers
The pub line dancers

A most enjoyable evening was spent with a bit of dancing, watching the girls line-dance and playing pool. Next morning a good continental breakfast was available in the dining room. Very nice too. Bed and breakfast cost $25 - a cheap weekend.

The publicans are new and the pub has gone up a star or two with well made beds, everything working, windows intact and doors on rooms - a bit different to last time, mark it down for a return trip at a later date.

Thanks to Andrew Haydock for organising the weekend.

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