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June 2005 Club News

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Camping at Northcliffe

Northcliffe - now there’s somewhere we haven’t camped before - good idea Phil. Departure time was 9 am, this gave us the chance to set up camp and ride to Windy Harbour in the afternoon.

Unfortunately I was tied up giving riding lessons in the morning and had to leave later. On the other hand I was really looking forward to the ride as the Denmark-Walpole-Northcliffe road is one of my favourites. So after finishing packing the bike and fuelling up I cranked the R100RS up for a brilliant ride.

By the time I’d reached Walpole the others had left so I decided to keep riding and within 50kms I could see a bike in the distance, turned out to be Warwick. Passed him then Barry and Sue and Frank. In front I could see Chris on her BMW 60/6, pulled up alongside, had a bit of a wave and then settled in behind her.

Campfire at Northcliffe
Campfire at Northcliffe

Before you knew it we were in Northcliffe. (That was 215kms without stopping for me - and it was luverly). We then took a narrow bitumen road to “The Round Tuit” caravan park.

Great place, small but with excellent campers kitchen etc, but best of all it was like camping in the bush.
After putting tents up (See article on Barry and Sue’s camper) we all settled outside Phil and Lurline’s caravan for lunch or, for some people, an early afternoon tea.

It was then time for a very enjoyable ride into Windy Harbour, Chris and I (as well as some of the others) had never been there before. The town itself consisted of shacks which I believe are leased from the Shire. It's quite an isolated place and is famous for not having electricity - just individual generators and solar power.

We headed through town to the boat ramp, but where we really wanted to get to was the lighthouse at D’Entrecasteaux (how do you pronounce that?) National Park, with its great views.  ("Dontruhcustowe" - web editor)

After taking a few wrong turns we found the right (very corrugated) road, which just before the lighthouse area turned into a smooth twisty bitumen road. What a place, it has excellent walkways with great viewing places and from the top of the hill there are 360 views. If you haven’t been there its worth the trip.

Another loverly ride back to the camp - the fire was lit and there was a pile of wood for us - how’s that for service. The owners of the park are very friendly and helpful That meant it was time for a beer and a chin-wag around the fire. For most of us that is - Sue watched the Eagles flog Sydney on the tele!

Now this was quite interesting as they were talking about the rain in Perth during the game, which was pretty widespread throughout the State. Northcliffe - not a drop, with clear skies - not what you’d expect in this part of the woods.

Next morning after breakfast (can’t beat toast cooked on a campfire can you?) it was time to pack the tent and have a leisurely ride to Albany, stopping as usual in Walpole. The weather incidentally stayed fine for us the whole weekend including the trip home.

Great weekend, thanks Phil for doing the organising

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