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April 2005 Club News

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The Old Jerramungup Homestead

Arriving at the Homestead
Usual suspects looking at bikes instead of at the homestead

An earlier than usual start of 9.30 saw the mob off on another jaunt through this lovely part of the world.

A quick stop at Kamballup where Harley was waiting before setting off for Ongerup, and Jerramungup Homestead.

Old Homestead
Old homestead - needing some TLC

The trip was well organised by Warwick Jones with the farmer on whose property the old building stood waiting to meet us.

When everyone arrived (13 bikes altogether), including Tony Caramia, who arrived a bit later getting confused by the different departure times in the previous Club News — done deliberately of course by the editor trying to keep you lot on your toes.

We were given a comprehensive history of the old homestead by the current owner, who hopes to finish restoring the building this year, a commemorative year for Jerramungup.

Old shearing shed
Old shearing shed for enhanced lunch flavours

Lunch was eaten in the Shearing Shed, but for some the sheepy smell was a bit strong (although not as strong as my egg sandwiches I would have thought). 

So Max and his gang ate their lunch outside, while the rest of us soaked up the atmosphere (?) inside. It was time to go and by now the temperature was up around the old century.

Unfortunately for Ken his Ducati turned into a lame duck. The BMW tow truck (bike) was brought into service once more towing Ken to Wellstead where it was decided it would stay the night.

Ken picked it up the next day, not sure of the fault yet, but it could be a dead battery.
Had a great ride back as by the time we left Wellstead the temperature had dropped and the countryside looked magnificent. Thanks again Warwick for organising the run.

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