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April 2005 Club News

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Coalmine Beach Ride

Bob and Mary heavy duty backup vehicle
Bob and Mary with heavy duty backup vehicle

BOB Sutcliffe had put a lot of effort into organising the Walpole campsite for the weekend, even to the extent of going out there to make sure the new camp site would be ready for us, as well as making numerous phone calls.

Must have got quite friendly with the owner, even taking a new water pump for him when we left on the Saturday.

Harry, Diane and Chris all on their /6 BMW's
Harry, Diane and Chris all on their /6 BMW's

Some of the Albany campers left early to make sure they had a good spot, but there were still plenty turning up at the Amity Tavern, from Bruce Rock, Woodanilling, Borden and other parts of the South West.  

The weather was brilliant, the wind was behind us the whole way, making for a relaxing ride stopping only for lunch at Bow Bridge Store.

Great camp-site, Fireplaces, BBQ’s, power, under cover table and chairs - all this for $8.00 a night.

People were rolling in all day, final numbers for the weekend was over 50!

Some were from the BMW Club, as well as a few other visitors (they paid their money to us) and then we wrote out a cheque. We also had 3 or 4 new members join at the weekend - one from South Australia!

Morning - BSA 650 and Kawasaki 650
Morning - BSA 650 and Kawasaki 650

After dining in style there was much talk around the camp fire. I even got my guitar out and knocked out a few songs (until 10 pm when we were told to keep the noise down).

Not that we were noisy anyway, but there you go.

Next morning most took off for the township before departing on a ride through some of the back roads before coming back to Coalmine for some lunch.

Others went to the pub for lunch reporting a great feed.

The afternoon was spent relaxing before coaxing ourselves into action for the evening BBQ etc. I played the guitar again waiting for the noise police to come along, but they disappointingly didn’t turn up.

Rhonda and Brian (new members) arrived on their way to Queensland. Rhonda rides a Trike and Brian an artistic BMW.

Apparently there were various sounds during the night with bumping, banging and snoring being the loudest - you think we don’t know who you are but we do you know!

After a spot of cooked brekky the next day it was time to head home, into the wind this time but still very pleasant. Thanks to Bob and Mary for going back-up, their truck that Bob had been working on is a ripper.

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