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February 2005 Club News

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Narrikup Gymkhana Day

Not a word about pith hereIt was Club Gymkhana Day and so with the ute full of gear Garry (arm in a sling, broken collar bone) Blake and myself went looking for the key for the Narrikup Clubhouse. Last year I got lost looking for it! Not many people get lost in Narrikup you know.

This year instructions were easy. Don & Margaret from Woodanilling had camped at the oval the night before and had tidied up the place a bit.

From 10.30 on people started rolling in, including Neil and Robin with bike and the most essential item: Witches Hats!

Bob Sutcliffe had the Steam Engine up and running with plenty of passengers enjoying the ride. The first event was the slalom, riding in and out of the witches hats - this is a very popular event with plenty joining in. Clive eventually won it - he was up against Ross who was a fair way in front of Clive before he stopped riding, thinking it was only 2 laps (it was 3).

Raelene flinging a mean helmetBut Ross was very gracious about his mistake, having a laugh at himself - which earned him the Hard Luck Prize. Chucking the Helmet was also a popular drawcard with Raelene winning the ladies and Kim the men. Lee-Anne sent down a ripper of a wheel rolling it into the distance, being one of the first attempts it acted as a target for the rest of the female rollers, but nobody came close.

When it came to the male attempts quite a few couldn't match Lee-Anne, Gordon (must have been practising for a long time) Kidman managed to roll it towards the horizon.

M & M's (Merv and Mary) won the picking up and dropping off the papers game - that was good fun too.

Clive top-dressing the ovalMusical Chairs, was a great favourite with the kids as well as adults (Chris and Deb winning that). Tug-of-War saw the little kids up against the big kids (with some big kids thinking they were little - work that out!) That was great fun with a lot of laughter.

We tried making riding the plank more difficult this year with different height planks and narrower ones as well, but too many riders were doing it easy - bugger, wait till next time.

Bob and friends chuff off into the distanceFinally Motorcycle Soccer finished the day of with 2 teams of 4 bikes doing battle in the Oval.

First team to kick 3 goals were the winners. Hopefully everyone enjoyed themselves which made them winners on the day.

Thanks to Don and Margaret from Woodanilling, who did a great job cleaning the place up a bit, including the toilet, before we arrived on the Sunday.

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