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December 2004 Club News

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Albany Vintage & Classic Motorcycle Weekend

An off-road excursion during the Poker RunThe Albany Vintage & Classic Motorcycle Weekend was held on the 6th & 7th November. The weather was with us all the way.

A bit overcast, breeze and cool to mild temperature - no rain.

The weekend started with the Poker Run starting from Stirling Terrace at 1 p.m. on Saturday afternoon. We had a record 176 motorcycles parked in Stirling Terrace prior to the start, it looked magnificent.
The person with the best poker hand was held by Ross Eaton, riding a BMW. Ronnie Jellesma on a 1976 Harley Davidson won worst hand.

One rider had an accident on the Denmark to Mt Barker road, but luckily without serious injury.

Neil Bromilow - hillclimb winner 2004Sunday saw the Hillclimb on Mt Clarence. This year we ended up with 94 bikes and riders. All turned up and only four dropped out throughout the day for one reason or another. The winner this year was Neil Bromilow on a 1928 BSA Sloper 500. Neil did one of his practice runs at 44 seconds, then one at 43 sec, so he nominated 43 sec as his time for the rest of the day. Neil was among seven riders that turned in a perfect score after three runs up the hill. The run offs are timed to the 100th of a second and Neil turned in a time of 42.97 so lost .03 of a sec.

Best performance of a male other than the winner was Peter Barker on a 1978 Suzuki 250. Peter had nominated 39 secs and lost .12 sec in the runoff.

Macca and Muzza flash up the hill on the Trumpy chairBest performance by a female was Diane Collins on a 1974 Kawasaki 900. Diane had a nominated time of 50secs, and only lost one point throughout the day. Best performance by a sidecar was won by Murray Rudler and Peter Macdonald on a 1951 Triumph 650. They had a nominated time of 45 secs and lost 4 points. Neil Bromilow on his 1928 BSA Sloper 500 also won best pre-31.

The Saul Fraser safety award went to Charles Smalley on a 1976 Kawasaki 900. Public choice vote went to Colin and Danka Butler in his 1951 Panther sidecar.

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