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Walpole Ride

Now what’s the weather going to do? If it’ll rain anywhere it’ll be Walpole for sure at this time of the year!

Bondy's sidecar outfit looking great with the new colour schemeAnd it was looking a bit damp so a turn-out of over 20 bikes at the Tavern was pretty good. As we approached Denmark dark clouds were gathering, and yes, as we stopped by the Denmark River to meet Fabrice it started raining - so sheltering under the pergola seemed like a good idea.

After a while it eased up, so it was on the bikes and off to Walpole via Bow River for a hot drink. As we left Denmark the rain stopped and we didn’t see any more for the rest of the day. We didn’t see any more of Fabrice either, I think he must have got washed away as well and ended up at his house with the fire going.

It was beautiful around the back roads of Walpole with everything very green after the winter rains. After lunch we were about to set off again when Harley discovered he was having trouble starting his bike (which isn’t a Harley), but it went with a push.

A brief stop in Denmark again (ice-cream) and then home. Great ride, thanks to Phil and Monica for going back-up, good to see Jim along for the ride too.

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