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Slow Tourist Ride

It's the end of August and it’s the Slow Ride for Tourists and what a great ride it was. Andrew and Sue Haydock had gone to a lot of trouble organising this event, even down to Tim Tams and Mars Bars for morning tea - it doesn’t get much better than that - I thought they’d stopped making Tim Tams, Chris?

With an abundance of older bikes in attendance at the Amity car park, Andrew and Sue handed out Rally sheets with directions on one side and questions on the other. The ride took us through some great roads around the Robinson Estate where most of us hadn’t been before.

Wind Farm scenery

It was then on to the Wind Farm for our first lot of questions - great views from the lookouts where we had to stagger up to find the first set of answers.

Then it was off to Whalers Cove (near Camp Quaranup) where morning tea was divulged and more questions answered. The Gap and Natural Bridge were next where questions needed to be answered from the Rally Sheet, and also from tourists curious about some of the bikes.

It was a great idea to go to these tourist spots as locals, if they haven’t visitors to show around, rarely go there, and there really are some brilliant views around Albany. We then rode off to Stoney Hill seeking answers, this is another beaut place with panoramic views. Neil’s 1927 BSA 250 was doing very well riding up the steep hill. It’s nice to smell a bit of oil in the air.

Frenchman’s Bay was the final destination. This was also where lunch was consumed and answers checked.
The winner was Colin Baker who was presented with an unusual prize and Neil was also awarded the oldest bike prize. It was a great day and the effort that Andrew and Sue put in, as well as going back-up was most appreciated.

A diverse number of bikes participated as you can see from the list below:
Des Gaze - 1952 DKW 350cc
Colin Baker - 1994 Honda 1100
Matt Wells - 1955 BSA C10L
Chris Rees - 1956 BSA A10
Clive Smith - Yamaha Sidecar
Mike Hyland - 1959 BSA A10
Garry Blake - 1998 Suzuki
Warwick Jones - 199? BMW K75
Don Fraser - 1944 Indian Chief
Bob Sutcliffe - BMW Trike
Ron Allen 1972 Voskhod
Tony Smith - 1984 BMW R65
Raelene Blake - Kawasaki ZZR
John Bond - 1977 BMW Sidecar
Phil Penny - 1982 BMW Sidecar
Andrew Haydock - BMW R25
Bob Rees - 1951 Sunbeam S8
Ray Closel - BMW R65
Neil Bromilow - 1927 BSA 250
Ian Grant - 197? Suzuki

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