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Shed Ride & BBQ

Colin watches while his helper worksThe shed ride and BBQ was something a bit different. We set off (over 30 bikes) towards Colin & Sue Butler's place first via Rocky Crossing Road for a bit of a ride. Colin's shed is like a Lotto dream to a lot of blokes.

He has a good variety of bikes, all British with a lot of old examples which he takes pleasure in restoring. A great shed, full of character.

The ladies took off for a look at the house which is very well built with a lot of individual features.
Colin and Sue have certainly put a lot of work into their property, building the house out of bricks they made themselves.

Shortly it was time to go to Glen and Kay Taylor's house, which was a bit closer to town. Their place is close to the King River with lovely lawns, neat house and shed. They have a beautiful Royal Enfield sidecar outfit with unusual fork legs specifically designed for use with a sidecar.

Glen & Bob discuss GoldieGlen is in the process of building a BSA Gold Star Replica, and doing a great job too, you would be hard pushed to tell the difference. He also has numerous stationary motors which he's restored. They were of special interest to the farming community in our midst and brought back memories from years ago.

The BBQ was lit and the left-over sausages from the Tuning Day/Sausage Sizzle were put on.
Thanks to those who provided the salad, bread, cakes and coffees etc. and to Marilyn for doing back-up duties.

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