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Numbat Rally

After a great ride from Albany in beautiful weather I met Huw at the corner pub in York, nice little spot to stock up on supplies while enjoying a glass of mid-strength. An hour later we were entering the Numbat Rally site. The road in was a bit slippery (due to recent rains) and there were signs erected saying: "Slippery" and "Very Slippery" - hmmm, interesting.

Doug, Graham and HuwWe rode around the Rally looking for a good site to stick our tents when we came across Doug Firth (one of our metropolitan members) who had a great spot and even better, a nice fire and plenty of wood - ideal.

As we were putting our tents up Andrew Sutcliffe (another metro member) came over. He was on the R75/5, which used to be his dad's (Bob) and he was camped close by with the British Enthusiast's Club.

There was a good crowd attended, although nothing like it used to be a few years ago. Definitely quieter, particularly in the middle of the night when it was absolutely quiet - which is a big improvement on the old days, remember all those Black Ducks - who slept?

WA Sidecars were there in abundance, also with a good amount of fireworks which looked spectacular. There was a fairly heavy shower of rain as we were walking from fire to fire, but we managed to shelter in an empty annexe hanging off a tent, there was also a couple of chairs there that we sat on, that is until I fell off one and somehow landed on the tent, which we think was empty!It was a good night though, chatting to anybody about anything.

Later next morning, after a leisurely breakfast, we headed off as Huw had to work on Monday and I was catching up with my family in Perth late Sunday afternoon.
The track out was a bit more slippery, but I didn't have any moments.

We went via Toodyay to Perth and other minor roads bringing us out in Parkerville where I got to look at Huw's latest acquisition, a BMW R90S. As I pulled into my daughter's driveway in Perth it poured down with rain, great timing, I was very lucky.

The following night I rang Doug to see what the weather was like on the Sunday afternoon/evening. Wet and cold. He reckoned one heavy shower dumped 13mm of rain in an hour, with water running though his tent and fly which he ended up sharing with some of the Ducati Club.

He said if the beer was a bit warm you just leaned a little in your chair and placed your can outside the tarp for a couple of minutes where it cooled down beautifully. Although they did manage to let the rest of the fireworks off.
He was saying that on the way out the track was interesting with people all over the place trying to find the dryest line, he was OK as he had his BMW R60/6 with sidecar.
All good fun isn't it?

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