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A Wet Kamballup Hall Ride

AT LAST - A wet, winter’s ride to Kamballup Hall. This is the third time we’d booked the place, the idea being that if it was wet, the hall would be a dry and warm place for lunch. The other times the weather has been too sunny and we’ve dragged the chairs outside working on our tans. This time made up for the other two!

9.45 am and Chris and I have our bikes in the carport waiting for the wall of water descending from above to ease a little. It drives me nuts waiting so it was, “Come on let’s go, there won’t be anyone there and we can come home and light the fire”. Ha! Once again I was wrong, there were seven people at the Amity carpark (or more correctly inside the drive-in bottleshop), not including Peter and Judy who were back-up, siting in the cosy 4WD (they were smiling a lot - I don’t know why!)

Frank, Ray and Warwick arriving at Kamballup Hall.Among the soggy group were Fabrice and daughter who rode from Denmark to meet up with us on their Harley. I asked Fabrice if the weather was fine in Denmark, He said it was "pissing down”.
So all you BMW riders cowering in bed or next to the fire, you’d better remember that.

Off we went, didn’t go direct, as there’s no fun in that is there? So it was the tourist route, Lower King, Hunton Road etc before stopping for a hot drink at Upper Kalgan Tearooms. We couldn’t really see anything anyway as the rain was still a bit on the heavy side, but it’s the ride that counts, not the destination - isn’t that right folks?

Bondy said he’ll have to get some fuel at Bakers Junction - I said we’re not going that way, we’re taking the scenic route via Manypeaks and South Stirlings, he looked at my bike and said, “It’ll be the furthest that bike will have been, it’ll never make it.” What a bloody nerve!

This was the first ride on my 1951 S8 Sunbeam, and come to think of it, its the only sun beam we saw.
After what seemed like an eternity Kamballup Hall appeared, there was a yellow Ducati outside and Wes and Barbara at the door (they’d ridden over from Bremer) and they had the fire going full blast - bloody marvellous.

Fabrice had his socks off and was warming his feet, didn’t go down to well with the sandwich I was eating, but there you go, it was raining and we were using the hall as planned, wasn’t it just great.
The rain did ease on the way home and I think later the sun shone. To the 9 bike riders & pillions, good on ya.

Thanks to Peter and Judy doing back-up duties. And with all that rain the bikes went well including the two British ones and the trailer remained empty.

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