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Anzac Day in Denmark

by Chris Rees

Drew family and Suzuki RGVA good turn-out for a run on Anzac Day — 20 bikes. The Lower Denmark road works are finished, so we went via this way to Denmark. Morning tea break at the park and some of us attended the Anzac Day Ceremony.

From there we went along the Denbarker Road to Mt Barker and then Narrikup for lunch.

John noticed a piece of “debris” on the road, stopped and picked it up - it was the side-cover off Ross’s Z Kawasaki, with only a few scratches.

Ross refitting the Kawasaki’s sidecover.Judy (VFR) needed a “bump” start from Peter to get her home?

Some people went straight home from here to do the chores, watch the footy etc and some went home via Yellanup Road. It was a relaxing day and ride.


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