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Not the Parry's Beach Ride

The weather was a bit like winter for the ride on March 7. The forecast wasn’t good and they were right too, it was very wet and a bit on the cold side.

Wet in DenmarkChris rang up Trevor to see if it was raining in Denmark and Trevor said it was pouring down. Hmmmmmm. I’d been working on our 650cc BSA Gold Flash trying to quieten the mechanical clatter and was keen to see if it had worked. So after donning thermals as well as wet weather gear we rocked up to the Amity Tavern, Christine on the AJS and me on the BSA.

By just after 10 am there were 12 bikes sitting in the rain with 14 riders and pillions! Great isn’t it? Richard and family were doing back-up duties but were quite happy to stand around and get wet like the rest of us. Don and Margaret (new members from Woodanilling) had trailered their 1977 BMW 75/7 down on Saturday, camping at Middleton Beach that night so as they could be on the ride today.

We decided on a change of plan - being the flexible club that we are - instead of going to Parry’s Beach (where there is no shelter) we would first stop at Denmark - next to the river where there is cover as well as other amenities. We would then ride towards Walpole turning off at McLeod/Scotsdale Road which would then bring us back to Denmark to the same sheltered spot.

It’s always a great road and today was no different, although strewn with quite a lot of leaves, twigs etc, its hard not to smile as you meander through the bends. Andrew (the magician) had ridden two bikes to Denmark! He started off on his 250 BMW, but on the outskirts of Albany the BMW wasn’t going too well, so he shot back home and got his BMW R65 and arrived about the same time as the rest of us, very skillfully done!

At Denmark it was good to see Mike Hylund on his BSA A10 who also rode the Scotsdale circuit but decided the comfort of home was the best place for lunch. Hot coffee and chips was the healthy lunch that we had - nice too. We were buffeted at one stage by some strong gusts of wind before it was time to head home. So even though the weather was crappy it was an enjoyable ride in the company of a happy crowd of people. Out of interest over half the bikes were over 25 years old - is there a message there? Thanks to Richard McKenney and family for going back-up.

Caption for pic: Des and the mighty CX Honda from the Land of the Rising Sun was getting outnumbered by bikes from the Land of the Drizzling Rain!!!!!!!! A wet Denmark, note the Brolly.

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