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The Guess Your Economy

There was a great turn-out for the Economy Run in February. Well it wasn’t so much an Economy Run as a ‘Guess Your Mileage/Kilometreage Run’. We had a full range of bikes from Richard’s 1930 Ariel through to modern bikes including 10 BMW’s.

Riders were asked to fill their tanks and give an estimated km per litre or mpg, and also to trip their speedos to see how much they varied. Off they went in a snake-like procession. As we wound our way through Lockyer there were quite a few kids and big some kids waving as we passed. Out on the Upper Denmark Road and apart from a couple of quicks, everyone was very sedate. I was coming nearly last but could keep up on my 1951 AJS.

There were a couple of spots of rain but nothing that really mattered (I was hopeful anyway as I had no wet weather gear). We headed down the road that leads to Camp Quaranup (beautiful road with great scenery and a couple of nice bends) before reaching Frenchmans Bay (for coffee). Again the number of bikes was causing interest in the picnicking population of the Bay - what are they missing out on eh? Once again the snaky line headed out, this time along Chester Pass Road and onto Hunton Road before turning back to our final destination, Emu Point.

Unfortunately we had a couple of breakdowns on this section of the run with Des having battery trouble on his DKW, and Don having electrical problems as well on his Indian Chief. (that part of the world is well known as the Albany No Spark Bermuda Triangle district). So Jim, our back-up for the day, was fully loaded up with bikes and his tie-down rope was stretched to the limit.

Economy Winner: Chris Williams and his 1975 Triumph Trident T160Meanwhile Bronwyn and myself are waiting at the fill up service station at Oyster Harbour Store. We get word from Emu Point that because of weather conditions the final destination would be around the corner out of the wind. We let Ducati Ken know, who had just turned up, about the change of venue, but because of a mix-up Jim and his two not so bright sparks didn’t get the message, which was a pity although I think they were most probably relieved just to get the bikes home.

Winner on the day was Chris Williams riding his ‘75 Triumph Trident T160. His guesstimation was only .9km/L out. Being as there was no entry fee, only financial members could enter for the prize which was free membership for 2004-5 (Due April 1). Visitor David Hinds on his Suzuki GR650 was closer with only .4km/L out, but he enjoyed the day asking for a membership form.

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