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A letter from the special kids at NASHS

"Hi everyone,
Thank you for coming down on Wednesday the 17th at Eyre Park.
Everyone had a great time on your bikes. It was fun. I am glad that you came down to take all of us for a ride on your bikes.

Kids and bikesI would like to thank Andrew, Mr Bond, and the two guys. I hope you all had fun with us kids. You and your bikes are so cool. Your bikes are so cool I could ride one anytime.

We had a good time with you all day. I hope we can do another ride like that again!

These kids would like to say thank you:

Sharee, Kyron, Tyson, Rebecca, James, Jessica, Amy, David S, David H and all the other kids that went!
Thank you so much!"

Thanks also to Karen Cornish, Principal of Albany Secondary Education Support Centre who was very supportive of the idea and also to Andrew Haydock who did all the organising — Bob

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