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Camping at Coalmine Beach

IT’S THE long weekend in January and the Club is off to Walpole for its annual camp at Coalmine Beach. Some of the early birds had already left for Coalmine with the rest leaving at 11 am.

Bob and Mary Sutcliffe had volunteered to go back-up and tow a trailer with wood donated by Club members, thanks to all who listened to the request for fuel for the fire. After stopping at Denmark where we were met by Mike and Daniel we carried onto our destination.

Bob and the caravan park had come up with a discounted price of $8 an night per person - very reasonable. We had our old spot of 5 sites with a open sided hut complete with bench and table, not forgetting the gas BBQ (diligently cleaned by the caravan park every morning).

After a pleasant afternoon welcoming riders from Perth and other parts of the State the fire was lit. The evening was spent in the usual manner - talking, eating and drinking. Next morning was spent relaxing around the fire before the majority went for a short ride ending in Walpole where the R100RT gang turned up: Phil Russell, Jim Livesey, Max Taylor and new R100LT owners Ray and Judy MacNeil.

We then went on a 2 kilometre walk through the bush admiring the flora (not the margarine) before having lunch. Mick and Co had the new Triumphs out for a ride as well, so Walpole was fairly humming with bikes.

Luxury Camping
This is how you go camping on a motorbike - Barry and Sue roughing it at dinner - notice the
candle, crystal, napkins and tablecloth!

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