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Boxing Day Ride

Frank Cooke BSATime to get off the lounge, switch off the TV and go for a post Christmas ride. Again we had around 30 roll up for the ride to Denmark, most rode along the Lower Denmark Road, although some of the crew went via Narrikup.

Merv was the only one to take up the offer of a ride around the Scotsdale Road, the rest having a chat or a rest (or sleep - not saying who) on the banks of the Denmark River. Ed Shekell from the Vintage Bike Club had come along for the ride as well as Robin Webb from the HOG Club.

As people drifted off back to Albany, some of the remaining riders decided that the Esplanade was a good idea - It was too! Thanks to Neil for going back-up.

Frank Cooke (centre) with his BSA & admirers.

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