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Nannup Run

THE weather didn’t look too promising for the Easter Camp, but after Walpole the rain cleared and we had a great ride through the forests to Nannup. A good campsite had been allocated to us. Riders from the Perth Vintage Motorcycle Club were already set up when we arrived, so the “billy” was boiling for a welcome cup of tea on arrival.

Nannup CampWe spent a quiet sort of night around the campfire catching up with friends, with chocs and drinks flowing freely.  Saturday morning we walked through the town where a few stalls had been set up on the pavement to sell home-made goodies, knick knacks, plants etc.

After morning tea Chris and Bob returned to Albany accompanied by Huw and Bronwyn who were going to climb Bluff Knoll. We split into two groups, some riding into Balingup and districts, the other riding to Busselton where there was a “Gold Wing” rally with riders mostly from the Eastern States.

Back to the campfire for more cooking, drinking and laughing.  Sunday morning and more Easter Eggs. Six bikes left for home, some rode to Busselton and the others mooched around the camp for a while.

It was Ron’s birthday, Fran had organised a birthday cake so we had a delicious morning tea. Poor Ron was exhausted blowing out all those candles! The men then went for a long walk while the ladies wandered around a beautiful garden, where we filled our pockets with chestnuts.

Sunday night we sat around the fire eating fish and chips. We tried a sing-song but not too many good singers present. We roasted the nuts and burnt some, but the rest were good.

The smell must have drawn a possum down the tree. Wonder if it was the same one that worried Barry the night before? It was another great weekend.

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