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The Party of the Year

Dancing the Christmas night away

Now that's what you call a party! Well over 50 attended the Club Christmas Party and did they have a good time or what? After eating their BBQ dinner it was time for entertainment. There were amps, mikes, mixers, flashing lamps all professionally set up in the Rees' backyard.

Dah, Dah, Dah...a bit of a fanfare and a hippie guy (Errol the Feral - alias Trevor) came out and it was on. His singing was excellent and the act hilarious, with some of the words changed here and there to make some very funny lines. No one guessed who it was until later when Trevor became that famous Welsh singer Bob (Tom) Jones.

Vintage Elvis

I gave him an intro as he came out onto the stage, not realising he was going to take the mickey out of me! He had a long grey beard, sunnies and a beanie on, ha ha ha, I attempted to sing along with him but had trouble remembering the words. It was more songs and more laughs, and people were getting up and dancing.

Which is the real Bob?

Around 9.45 the police had arrived. They had acted on complaints received about the noise from the next street up. They were very nice and after taking my name they disappeared. By now the party next door had turned their music off and they were listening to ours, cheering at the end of the songs, there was even people standing in the drive. In the end everyone was up dancing and singing.

Trev's Elvis Presley character is brilliant - Trevor was absolutely hilarious all night. Everybody had a ball, the weather was perfect, no wind and warm. Oh and yes the police came back about 11.30 pm. I've been told that for the police to come twice - it must have been good!

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