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A casual ride to Walpole and districts

IT was a lovely warm morning to greet us for the ride to Walpole.

Up to 30 bikes were gathered at the Amity Tavern (we seem to consistently have big numbers these days - great isn’t it?).

Part of the assembled mob at Denmark

We then headed to Denmark where some of our members were there to greet us. After a spot of chin-wagging we were off on our way to Bow River for an ice-cream, and very nice too.

Whilst we were stopped I got talking to Rob, The Chainsaw Sculptor. He showed us some pictures of his work - fantastic, this is the bloke who carved the Ned Kelly that stands outside the Gnowangerup Pub, plus he also works with ice, sand, butter, as well as welding.

His other claim to fame is he has 2 DKW scooters - most unusual, as well as a Triumph Bonnie and Honda. He’s also joining the Club - a man of good taste - so you might see a statue of Bondy one day although not in butter, as that would melt in his mouth ha ha.

Anyway on we travelled, through the beautiful countryside throughout the area before arriving at Walpole.

As well as being joined by the flies, Murray and Morris rode up, and from a different direction the Rainbow Ulysses mob. Popular place Walpole.

After more yakking we started for home, stopping yet again in Denmark for a relaxing spell by the river and yes, another ice-cream. Well it was hot wasn’t it?

Thanks to Ray Closel for going back-up.

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