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Albany Motorcycles Ride & Shoot Day

WELL what a great day, the weather we ordered was perfect and the ride looked to be something different and very interesting.

This was reflected in the number of people and bikes at the Amity carpark. Well over 30 bikes and 50 people! Gary Dibble had organised a short rally (about 80kms) to start with, with each rider given a route sheet which included some questions to answer.

On the ride you could see the ones who thought they knew where they were going and the ones who thought that they thought they knew where you were going! (if you get my drift). There were little groups of bikes snaking around the district mostly all going in the same direction.

Half way we were all parked up the top of Mt Clarence with plenty more laughter and trying to figure out where to go. It was then onto the firing range courtesy of the Albany Revolver Club.

Bill Wellington from Albany Motorcycles did a great job organising this part of the day. The Club has a great BBQ/Clubhouse where we were made to feel very welcome by the captain of the Revolver Club.

It was a gold coin entry for the day which was donated to the Sporting Shooters Association (Albany). This totalled $77.00 which was handed over by Gary Dibble. This entitled the ticket holder to be in a raffle, with some great prizes for the riders and also for the shooters.

More used to pointing handlebars than a gun...

After the BBQ those that wished were given the opportunity of pitting their skills against the targets. We were shown how to hold, load and shoot and there were a few gunslingers amongst us. Trevor was getting right into it, even firing a Magnum at the end of the day. I won’t do another ice-cream joke but I think he’d be pretty dangerous with a cone in his holster!

What a great day, the effort put in by Albany Motorcycle and the Revolver Club was most appreciated, I think we’ll have to do it again sometime. Thanks also to Gary Dibble for going back-up — I won’t mention the Monster on the trailer, OK Linda!

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