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I JUST finished having a look at the pictures John McKinnon took at the Narrikup Gymkhana - in nearly every picture there's smiling faces, speaks for itself doesn't it?

On the way out to the Narrikup Sports Oval the weather was looking a bit bleak, it was getting wetter the closer I got to the place. Hello - there's Ian (Grant), who was giving a hand running the event, trying to shelter from the rain.

Bob and Ian making the witches hats slalomAlthough by the time I got the key for the building on the sports ground the rain had stopped.

Checked out the grass, mmmmm... bit damp. Ah well - see what happens. Hello here comes Bob and Mary with their steam traction engine - brilliant Before long people started turning up, most eying off the condition of the oval I think.
Although a few thought it a good surface to do short burn-outs!

Anyway we started the ball rolling with the first event being "Quickest in and out of the witches hats".

Even though the grass was still a bit wet most managed it no worries with Ross and Ian (Alexander) 1st and 2nd. By this time Bob's Steam Engine was up and running with a few customers sitting on the trailer.

Next event "Go Slow Race". This is a real test of skill, but I'd seen John McKinnon do this before and his K75S was hardly moving and hard to beat.

Wheel rolling commitmentThrowing the helmet was next, people were a bit reluctant at first, I think some thought they had to throw their own. With different techniques been used, Ross showed the blokes how to do it and Lee-Anne out-throwing the ladies.

The BBQ was now roaring, and it was time for lunch. The grass had dried considerably by now, so things were looking good for the afternoon.  We had a couple of old motorcycle wheels to see who could roll them the furthest, various techniques were used with the most successful being to haul the wheel above your head before launching it, this proved very effective and was adopted by quite a few with wheels going in all directions.

Bob and kids of all ages on the steam engine
By now Bob and his steam traction engine were off on their umpteenth trip around the oval, with the youngsters (and adults) having a ball.

Next event was popular: 4 rolled newspapers were placed in each bucket and at a reasonable distance there were a couple of empty buckets where the papers had to be delivered.
Competitors were sent off two at a time with pillions ready to grab the papers.

John and Mary - chair beats solo!

I saw a bit of sabotage when Clive rode off at a rate of knots on a push bike, having stolen one of the buckets. The whole event was hilarious with one bucket broken beyond recognition and the contestants having a great time. I think Bondy with Mary in the sidecar won. (See photo finish above...)

Clive was now tearing around the oval with large amounts of kids hanging off his sidecar! Musical chairs were next, I think there were 14 bikes circling the 13 chairs at the beginning. Every time after a stop was sounded a chair was removed until David and Steven were the only ones left standing (or sitting as the case may be).

Riding the plank(s) proved too easy, we tried to make it a bit harder but it was no problem to our highly skilled members..

Youth battling experience in the tug-of-war...Tug-of-War: It was getting a bit hard to get competitors at first, but when I asked the youngsters if they were going to be in it (they jumped at the chance) two large teams quickly appeared at each end of the rope and it was a very energetic bunch of tuggers too.

There was three attempts, with the result . . . much laughter

OK now its Motorcycle Soccer or Motorcycle Chaos. A large ball had been covered in puncture-proof material (Shane Morrell had done this for free) and was kicked around the oval (with an occasional crunch of metal, or plastic every now and again). They looked like they were having a great time. Mary was tearing around in the thick of it with her trials bike popping up everywhere - wild woman. She got the hoon award!

After a while it was time to wind it up and hand out the zany trophies Marilyn and Lee-Anne had bought, these included small farting pigs and other strange objects! (...I got a sheep with the scours - web editor).

Panorama of prize-giving ceremony

It was a great day with everybody enjoying themselves and a good opportunity to get the kids and partners involved. From all accounts the youngsters had a ball.

Bob Sutcliffe's steam traction engine was a star attraction with young and old, so many thanks for bringing it out.

I think we'll have to do it again next year.

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