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Breakfast at Frenchman's Bay

Will anyone turn up for Breakfast at Frenchman's Bay?

Nigel's BMW R100RS outfit. Does anyone know make and model of sidecar?IT WAS a cold, damp and windy. Ken and Tricia were in the ute doing back-up duties.

They reckoned Chris and I would be the only ones to turn up, especially at 8 am!

But as usual the opposite happened and there were around 17 bikes with riders and pillions, all having a great time.

We were blown about a bit on the ride out but Frenchmans Bay was very sheltered.

BBQ’s were soon covered with bacon, eggs, sausages and whatever, tasted as good as it smelt as well.

Nigel (new member) from Margaret River turned up on his recently acquired 1980 BMW R100RS attached to a great looking sidecar. I think Bondy had helped fine tune the outfit the day before and Nigel was very pleased.

Fabrice and daughter Emilie admiring Andrew's BMW R26Fabrice’s daughter Emilie was riding pillion on the Harley, they would have to ride about 190kms round trip for breakfast - definitely enthusiasts!
So after a very enjoyable hour or two we rode and walked up Stoney Hill for a look before heading home.
And no, it didn’t rain either.

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