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Pallinup, Boxwood Hills, Stirlings Ride

Well you never know what the weather will be like at this time of the year: Saturday the weather was bad, Sunday pretty good. 17 bikes left the carpark headed for Wellstead via Manypeaks.

Rear view of a 1973 Honda 350/4.A good pace was being kept up by Phil on his BMW R100RS sidecar outfit and Jack on his home-made BMW Trike. Paul had brought along a his Honda 350 4 cylinder, in amazing original condition - looked like new, a great buy.

The stop at Wellstead was for anybody who didn’t bring lunch to buy it there, as we were dining at the picnic area by the Pallinup River where there were no amenities. While we were at Wellstead a bloke rode in on a Buell Harley, he was riding from Esperance to Northcliffe (his next teaching post).
Nice bike but was he cold, he didn’t stop shaking all the time we were talking to him.

Just after he arrived so did Wes and Barbara on their recent purchace, a Ducati ST4, very nice too, its bright yellow so if you don’t hear them coming you could certainly see them! After only a short distance it was lunch - There were basically 2 tables with a gap of about 10 metres between the two.

The smaller gathering were discussing different cuisine sampled over various parts of the globe, it went from monkey gland and moose nose soup, pigs cheeks (apparently a top food in some countries), chicken kebab with the stick up the anus of the poor thing and a meal that was thought to be noodles but turned out to be small eels!

The other tables discussion was about death and getting on in years, there were people going to ride their bikes over the Gap, sniffing the exhaust pipe with a bottle of something and what does Ratsack taste like? A strange bunch aren’t we?

Clive and Fabrice admiring Jack Rowe’s trike.Then it was off to the Stirlings via the Boxwood Hills/Borden Road. Great road, the Stirlings were looking very picturesque with rainbows popping up here and there. Unfortunately the gravel although short (about 4kms) was a bit slippery due to the recent rains, but nobody came off although there was a decent sized skid mark in one spot.

Fuel at Amellup and coffee at the Bluff Knoll Cafe (although most of us brought our own) and then the ride home. Great day, lucky with the weather, there was a couple of spots of rain but then the rainbows looked spectacular.

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