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Cranbrook Show

The team at the show

Seven club members rode out to Cranbrook on April 5 to display our bikes at the Cranbrook Show. We lined them up, and took some shelter from the sun - luckily there was a convenient table with a brolly and chairs close to where the bikes were.

I was expecting to see local member Tony Mitchell with his Harley on display, but he told me he had sold it, but was now looking out for a Triumph.

Bondy was at it again, this time showing Gary Dibble how to ride a sidecar. Bondy has become the Sidecar Messiah - spreading the word about the three wheeled outfits at every opportunity. Good on ya John, I was converted a couple of years ago, halleluiah.

As the others drifted off back to Albany, Phil and I rode back a bit later at a slower pace. A most enjoyable day, much better than mowing the lawn.

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