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Boxing Day Ride

Ray doing some roadside maintenance on the BM...

The traditional Boxing Day ride to Denmark was well attended. We took the Lower Denmark Road with a brief stop at Youngs Siding before arriving at Denmark. Waiting for us there was Barry May, John Bennetts and Mike Hyland, who was out and about on his old pre-war BSA.

Shortly after we were joined by the Max Taylor gang, comprising of Max (BMW), Julie (Ducati single with a lot of compression - always interesting watching Ducati fans kicking these bikes over, I think they’re on a par with BSA Gold Stars) and finally Richard on the shovel Sportster - another bike with a lot of character!

I can’t take the mickey out of shovel Harleys too much as mechanical repairs were made to Ray Closel’s BMW - hard to believe but true. I think the culprit was a torn diaphragm (sounds like a contraceptive).

Ice creams were eaten while lazing on the grassy riverbank, although a small but enthusiastic group including the Drew’s (who have bought themselves a Ducati 748R for Christmas - lucky b?#?!?#?) headed up the Scotsdale Road for a spin before rejoining the rest of us still lazing by the riverbank.

Good to see Geoff on leave from his mining job, as well as Bob and Mary out on their Vincent. Then it was time for the return trip home, nice ride, great people, same time, same place next year? Thanks to Neil for going back-up.

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