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A Wet and Wild Ride - Two People Bay

OK, so where were you all? I admit it might have been a little cold (12 C), and we did have the odd shower (35mm), and yes the hail was a bit painful (I should have worn the full face helmet) - but apart from that, what a beautiful day!

The gallant band of 6 + Richard (back-up) met at the Amity Tavern. It was noticable that the bikes with full fairings, heated handlebars etc etc were absent - Is there a hidden woosey meaning here? We rode via Rocky Crossing Road and Chester Pass Road to the Upper Kalgan Tearooms for a coffee stop. It was just starting to spit when we arrived, by then we must have looked a bit on the cold side as we were invited to have our drinks in the dining room.

Relaxing in the sun at Two People's BayAfter an enjoyable half hour we once more jumped on our bikes heading for Two People's Bay (via Hunton Road) for lunch, trying to outrun a big black cloud. That didn't work, and yes, there was a bit of hail falling from the sky. We arrived at Two People's Bay, surprised that we were the only people there, so we had the place to ourselves! Being as it was a bit damp we walked to the visitor's centre to eat our lunch under the shelter of a verandah.

We'd unpacked our lunches onto the ground of the verandah when the CALM bloke and his wife invited us to eat inside. They brought chairs out from one of the rooms, making us very welcome - at the same time commenting that they thought we were nuts!

After lunch, it stopped raining (briefly), we headed back to our bikes and home. We all agreed that even though the weather was against us (it sounds worse than it was) and as strange as it might seem, we'd had an enjoyable day.

Thanks to Richard for going back-up.

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