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Boxwood Hills

The service station with no fuel is like a pub with no beerAnother nice winter's day for a ride - How do we manage it? 30+ people, 19 bikes and a car assembled at the Amity Tavern for the 270km ride. Marg had ridden over from Denmark on her Virago (Trevor was laid up, recovering from a medical op). With the limited range of a Virago tank Marg wisely fuelled up at Kamballup. Ian had stopped with her, before Clive and Des also arrived.

We then joined the rest of the crowd at the Bluff Knoll cafe for smoko -  a great
cafe with plenty of seating outside under a verandah. Just before we left Andrew pulled up on his BMW R65. He had only  just finished rebuilding the bike, getting up early that morning to fit mufflers and carbies - a very good effort!

It was then off to Boxwood Hills. The turnoff just before Borden saw Warwick on point duty making sure nobody missed the road. We passed through the oldest farm in the Borden shire, while to our right the Stirlings looked as spectacular as ever There were several river crossings, which must be impassable when the rivers are running. Riding along enjoying the panoramic view with bikes snaking along the road in front of me looked great.

Towards the end of the road there was 11 kilometres of gravel, but it was in
good condition with hardly any corrugations or loose stuff. Des rode close to Marg making sure she was OK, but Marg and the rest of the group travelling about 80km/hr took it in their stride and did it easy. On arrival at Boxwood Hills, Mike suggested we have our lunch at the Pallinup River, where there is a nice area with tables, chairs etc (none at the Roadhouse) - good idea.

If you wanted fuel at Boxwood Hills they didn't have any, even though they
displayed a fuel sign. The bloke who runs the place is a bit of an oddball
saying at one stage he wanted to charge us two-pence each for parking on his
property! He nearly had a heart attack when he thought the toilet key was lost
and there were one or two strange stories told by those venturing into the shop
as well! But what would the world be like without an occasional character?

After a long lunch at the Pallingup River picnic area, we headed first to
Wellstead for fuel, before heading for home. It was a great ride, weather brilliant, although after Chris and I put the bikes away and lit the fire - it rained.

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