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Cosy Corner Breakfast

Arthur Addis with his CBX 6 cyl Honda

Our usual turnout of early birds assembled at the Amity Tavern for the breakfast ride to Cosy Corner. The ride to Cosy was short and sweet, as by the time we arrived the BSA and Matchless belonging to Mike & Gloria and Geoff and Ruby from Denmark were already parked by the BBQ's. Denmark seems to be the destination of choice for bike enthusiasts these days with more and more migrating from Perth.

Cosy Corner is a very pretty spot with fabulous views, so it was quite difficult to get moving for the next part of the ride to Anvil Beach. But the weather being perfect and the the road from Cosy to Anvil Beach (another lovely spot) is brilliant. There's some great bends but a lot of roos. Saw one roo jump across the road in front of us, the place is notorious for them (and Llamas - believe it or not!).

It was then time to tear ourselves away again, next stop Youngs Siding for an ice-cream. It was then time to head home, a great morning, lovely ride and good company. Thanks to Phil and Monica for going back-up.

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