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A Windy Day at Parry's Beach

Parry's Beach, some of the mob sitting down having lunchEven though it did look showery and the wind was very strong, there was still a good turnout for the ride to Parry's Beach. We had a visitor on his Yamaha and Mick had brought a couple of Ducati riders who rode as far as Denmark. It was good to see Richard, Sandy and the boys come along in the car

Suzuki RE5 rotaryThe wind was head-on along the road to Denmark, I felt like a bit of a wind sock with the normal than higher handlebars on my Gold Flash, but no rain. Kim and Maxine caught us up at Denmark on their sidecar outfit and Don turned up on his 1975 Suzuki Rotary RE5, a radical looking bike which many had not seen before and caused quite a bit of interest.

I noticed that the womenfolk were standing around talking about HRT, I hadn't heard of a bike called that before, maybe they were they getting it mixed up with HRD (Vincent)?

I then followed Chris who was riding our old BMW up the brilliant Scotsdale Road. There was a bit of drizzle before reaching the main road but it had cleared up before we arrived at Parry Beach. A bit on the chilly side, but a great spot. Lunch was very enjoyable but soon after it was finished it was time to head for home - and light the fire.

Thanks to Marilyn and Betty for going back-up.

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