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Spot the Dummies at the Meadery

Club members and dummies, make up your own mind who's the dummyA ride to Nornalup was planned for earlier this year but there was quite a lot of roadworks at the time so it was postponed until June. At the Amity carpark we had the usual variety of bikes, plus two mammoth Gold Wings, Clive recently buying a South Australian bike with numerous accessories. It was good to see Richard out on his Guzzi, joining two others of the same breed. Max was there on the Shovel and a new bloke on a Fat Boy. Hadn't seen Claude for a long time, he was riding his new SS Ducati.

Off we went to Denmark where Mike and Gloria Hyland were waiting on their '58 BSA 650cc A10, a couple of years newer than Chris on her '56 Gold Flash! It was then around Scotsdale Road - if you're in Denmark its hard to resist one of the best roads in this part of the State. Next stop was Bartholomeuz Meadery for coffee or honey ice-cream. The bloke on the Fat Boy was by now freezing to death as he was riding without gloves, luckily Jim Livesey had a spare pair that he could borrow. It was about now that it was noticed that the Gold Wings were absent.

It appeared that while 18 bikes turned right up Scotsdale Road, the large machines had winged it up Shadforth Road before they realised their mistake! I think maybe they should add a GPS navigation system to their instrument panel to stop any future misadventures! At Nornalup we spent a pleasant hour or more eating lunch, there was the take your own lunch brigade and the dine-in lot. Whichever way you went it was a great spot.

A couple pulled up on a FJ Yamaha, they belonged to a bike club in Perth - WAR (West Australian Riders) and had migrated to Denmark where they were opening up a restaurant opposite the rotunda by the bridge called Capers. They seemed very nice, so give them a go next time hunger strikes as you ride through Denmark. It was then home via the Valley of The Giants road. Great day, lovely weather.

Thanks to Andrew and Sue for going back-up.

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