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A Winter's Ride to Dumbleyung

The traditional picture of the bikes outside the Dumleyung pubSeventeen of us on 14 bikes took off for Dumbleyung just after lunch. The weather had improved from the hail that had fallen earlier in the morning. There was a brief shower around the Porongurups, but that was it. First stop Amellup for a coffee and fuel. Surprise! It was shut!

Warwick found out there was fuel at Ongerup, so we made an unscheduled visit to the roadhouse there. Pingrup was next, we took the old road, the weather by now clear skies, and this is a better road than the original plan. A stop in Pingrup before heading to Dumbleyung via Nyabing.
The last part of the ride was heading straight into the sun, between that and the shadows it can be a bit disconcerting. At the pub, rooms were allotted and although some took to the shower and a change of clothes, it was difficult for most to leave the comfort of the open fire. Dinner was soup and roast pork, very nice.

After dinner we sat around talking for a while until Phil came and dragged us into the bar. Shortly an impromptu pool competition was on, about the same time the Ladies Dumbleyung netball team was in full swing singing and dancing (on top of the bar) to the tune of Tigerland la la la la la Tigerland.

A bloke came up to me (I think he'd had a couple) and asked if I used to go to the Black Duck. Yes, I said. He said, "Yeah, I thought I recognised you, especially with the beard!" Competition was fierce in the pool, but eventually Trevor and Richard declared themselves champs and gathered up a trophy to prove it! About midnight we trotted off to bed, some a bit worse for wear.

Breakfast next morning was continental and help yourself, yep, definitely a few furry tongues around. It had been a cold night with reports of ice on the bikes that were not undercover. Clive said at breakfast that during the night he was so cold it was the stiffest he's been for years - much to the merriment of those who heard him.

It was then time to take the traditional picture of the bikes outside the pub - Russell had trouble starting his Triumph with the cold morning, strange when you think of what the English climate is like. After fuelling, first stop was Gnowangerup. It was a perfect morning for riding, weather brilliant. The 13 bikes snaking along in front of me looked great.

We had a bit of drama  at Gnowangerup when Clive dropped the ignition key of his Gold Wing down a hole by the steering head. The key couldn't be seen and after shaking the bike, fairing panels were unscrewed but the key though was well hidden. After over an hour Des said, "Well, looking at the angle of the bike you'd think it would be by there". Much to Clive's relief and the persistence of Richard, who had been on his knees most of the time trying to find the needle in the haystack, it was spotted.

With the help of a piece of wire, out it came. It gave those who don't  carry a spare, something to think about. Next stop Kamballup, before home. A great weekend

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