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Peaceful Bay Weekend

Definitely a family weekendWe couldn't get away at the scheduled time for the camping weekend in early March, but about 3 pm on the Saturday afternoon, Chris, Katrina and me hopped on our three BMW's and headed for Peaceful Bay. We had the usual brilliant camping site which is large, very sheltered, with a big fireplace in the middle.

After pitching the tent it was time to have a drink or three. There was a mix of our Club and BMW Club members. There were a few cars loaded up with families and kids. It's great to see members of both clubs bring their kids along even if it did mean leaving the bike at home.

An interesting German couple travelling the world camped with us, riding BMW off-road bikes most of the way from Europe, having to freight the bikes by air only twice. As usual we had a good laugh sitting around the fire. Dave Ward who had hit a horse when we camped at Walpole, brought his Draggin Jeans with him to show us how well they performed when he was sliding down the road.

Marilyn Webb and Marilyn Smith went to Denmark to see John Williamson play on Saturday night, when they came back, they gave us a couple of brief renditions of his songs, with Marilyn Webb showing how the singers were gyrating on stage, she did it well too!

We retired to the tent at 1 am, time sure flies when you're enjoying yourself. Unfortunately we had to leave after breakfast as I had to work on the Monday, but we had a great ride home, it was quite hot, must have been because Chris and I had a swim at Middleton Beach!

Reports we heard was that the remaining campers had a great time, although they did leave early on Monday as black clouds were threatening rain, but as soon as everything was packed the weather fined up for a pleasant trip back.

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