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Breakfast in Denmark

Breakfast at DenmarkFor once a real summer's day, warm and not windy, which enticed over 20 bikes to ride to Denmark for breakfast. The facilities at the rotunda, next to the Denmark River, are excellent: two barbecues, tables, seating etc The BBQ's were kept busy with cooked breakfast being the popular choice.

We then headed off to Anvil Beach via Eden Road, which skirts around the Denmark Estuary. The road is very picturesque but the main attraction is the many bends and not much traffic, although you have to keep an eye out for the odd llama who could be seen lazing around the unfenced paddocks as well as kangaroos etc. The beach itself looked inviting but so was the ice-cream at the Blueberry Farm so off we headed back around those lovely bends again!

Chris rode our sidecar outfit with Mary Sutcliffe as passenger. Now Chris has been known to take a wrong turning or two and didn't let us down by taking the wrong turning into the Blueberry Farm and to make matters worse got bogged! ha ha. Galant John Bond came to the rescue and helped the ladies out of their predicament. Shame really as if I'd been a bit quicker I could have taken their picture.

The owners of the Blueberry farm were pleased to see us, guiding us to the best shady parking spots. After ice-creams were devoured we took off to test the newly bitumenised road to Muttonbird Island. The council has done the right thing in keeping the bends from the previous gravel road, although there was quite a bit of loose stuff on some corners. We checked out the new lookout at Muttonbird which has a great view of the coastline, then time to head home.

We had covered 105 miles by my BSA Gold Flash speedo - Great morning.

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