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Chris Rees gets a laugh out of KukerinKIM Gray, a member of the Club offered his farm, which is not far from Kukerin, for a weekend run. Sixteen took the offer up. Kim rode down to Albany to escort us. First stop Cranbrook for coffee, before filling up at Katanning, then onto Dumbleyung for lunch. When we arrived at Kukerin we assembled outside the pub, meeting the publican before riding to Kim's farm, where sleeping arrangements were made. 

Bob, Mary, John and Jan were assigned their own 4 star luxury accommodation, separate to the rest of the mob who put their sleeping bags on the mattresses provided. Looked a bit like a commune (takes me back a few years). Kim provided hot drinks and biscuits before the school bus arrived to take us to Bob Lukin's farm. Bob had sheds were full of old tractors, machinery and sundry items from long ago. 

In one of the smaller sheds there was a very nice 1951 Ariel Square 4 and a 500cc Matchless. We returned to Kim's and while waiting for beer-o-clock, Russell did a bit of maintenance to his bike, with plenty of helpful advice from interested spectators - most entertaining. Then it was on the bus to the pub. After a couple of drinks we dined on a large buffet of roasts and dessert followed by jokes and funny stories to keep us and the locals amused. 

Then back to the bar for a few more drinks before heading off on the school bus to the farm where it was port, coffee, tea etc - a great night. Sleep came easy, although Gavin complained of snoring in our room -looking at me as one of the culprits - unbelievable, ask Chris - although it could have been the port as I woke during the night to a chorus of snoring and farting. Des shared a room with Clive Smith who apparently also joined the snoring competition. Before retiring Clive said, "Now if I snore, Marilyn yells at me and I shut up." Des tried this and Clive did - well trained Marilyn! We were then treated to bacon, eggs, toast etc provided by Kim and cooked on his BBQ out on the verandah. 

An hour or two later we were back on the bikes on our way to Albany, this time via Lake Grace, Pingrup, Borden and Stirlings. A great weekend, thanks again Kim, we have an invitation to return at a future date, next time maybe dragging a dam for some koonacs! Notice I never mentioned the oil indiscretion under Russell's Triumph!