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Walpole Camping

Just the bare essentials, dear...SATURDAY on the long weekend and a large crowd gathered at the Amity Tavern for the camping trip to Walpole. There seemed to be an even greater variety of bikes than usual together with 4 trailers/campers towed behind sidecar outfits. Some of the older bikes were BSA's, Triumph, BMW and Vincent.

The ride took us up around Scotsdale Road, Denmark (got to be the best road in this part of the world) and then onto Williams Bay for lunch. From there we went through three different sections of road works until we came to Coalmine Beach Caravan Park.We had our usual large site which is brilliant, shady, with a camp kitchen in the middle and other amenities close by.

Bob's R50Joining us on the weekend were members from the BMW Motorcyle Club of WA as they have done before.Between our two clubs there would have been around 40 people there! The afternoon was spent chatting, eating cake and drinking whatever. John Bond took a few lucky ones for rides in his sidecar outfit! Samantha, Caroline's daughter, had a great time.

Later on we heard that Dave Ward was heading down to Walpole via Rocky Gully (dirt road) and hit a horse. Kenny G was following him and while riding over the crest of a hill saw what he thought was a log in the road, but turned out to be Dave and his bike. The horse (a brumby) had bolted, Dave had concussion, but gradually came to and was taken to Denmark Hospital for an overnight stay.

Lin leading the sing-along.Back at the camp things were rocking, I dragged out my guitar playing while it was still light (to read the music - my memory's not the best). Ended up playing by candlelight before I handed it to Lin from the BMW Club - now here was someone who knew the words and the chords! So there was a bit of a sing song, a lot of laughter, and everyone seemed to enjoy the night.

Next morning a few sore heads were evident, but the main attraction of the day was the ladies doing their aerobic exercises or was it line dancing? - photo in the next edition. Later in the morning we went for a ride along the back roads to Bow Bridge for an ice cream. Some of the BMW crowd ended up in Denmark where they visited Dave in Hospital. Apart from being a bit shook up he had a few scratches and a couple of cracked ribs. (He has three broken ribs but is recovering well - webmaster). The helmet was badly damaged but he only received a scratch from that and his draggin' jeans had saved his legs from gravel rash. A lesson there is to wear good motorcycle clothing unless you like pain because you never know what's around the corner.

I had a great afternoon, Bob (S) asked me if I'd like to take his Vincent Rapide for a ride and he'd ride my '51 BMW. We rode to Crystal Springs, while we were there Bob got off the BMW for some reason, unfortunately he got a part of his appendage jammed between the solo rubber seat of the BMW and the petrol tank. It sounded very painful and not surprisingly a bit of swelling occurred! Back at the camp I didn't mean to mention Bob's misfortune, but it just came out in conversation.

The crowd seemed very concerned, offering many suggestions of help, in the way of ice etc.
There seemed to be a lot of unnecessary laughter. It wasn't funny was it Bob? ha ha!!

Afternoon turned into evening, we'd shifted the concrete fireplace during the day so as we could sit around it that night. In the morning we said our goodbye's before the ride home. It had been a great weekend with the weather matching it. Thanks to Mary for being back-up and taking lots of camping gear out for us.

See you at Peaceful Bay.

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