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Colin WhiteTricks of the Trade: Removing Oil Seals

By Colin White

Screw-drivering the oil seal out.In my first Tricks of the Trade issue I mentioned that you should not believe everything that is written in a workshop manual. The two pictures that have been selected are from a Haynes and a Clymer Service manual. One is British and one is from the States. Naughty - Naughty!

Check out the removal of fork and case seals with a round shaft flat-bladed screwdriver. Imagine you're at home doing fork seals with no vice, laying the alloy fork leg down, levering the seal out and putting two score marks in the machined surface of the alloy.

How not to remove seal #2This is not good. With pressure build up oil can find its way past these scratches. Use a flat round-nosed tool like a tyre lever or even make one out of a piece of flat bar. Make sure that there are no sharp edges and if you see score marks in the housing put some silicone gasket goo in the area before the new seal goes in. This will ensure that the oil stays inside.
See you next issue.

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